a lesson in street photography 

last saturday was a first for a few things. it was the first time i really went out and did ‘street photography’. it was the first time i asked someone totally random for their portrait. and it was the first time i’ve been around someone that calls himself/herself a ‘professional photographer’. so it was a great opportunity to learn more about photography.

on my drive home i asked myself, “what did i really learn?”… one thing stood far above the rest… that being that i had learned to open my eyes more. simple, yes. but its something i think i’ve struggled with in my short photography adventure. naturally, i’ve often found it quite easy to step back and capture an open landscape. but to be able to look closer, to look for the deeper detail and tell the story in each moment is what i find a greater challenge.

stepping out of my comfort zone and into the world of street photography certainly helped me develop this sense of story creation. with each shot i took i aimed to give it a purpose, rather than just mindlessly pointing and shooting. i think shooting on film already helps with this to a point, whereby patience is (mostly always) rewarded. with that being said, these ‘stories’ seemed to be flying past me at a million miles per hour as we walked the streets on saturday. and so reacting in a timely manner to capture different moments at precisely the right moment certainly left much to be desired.

however, as with anything in life, doing something more and more will only better you at that something. so i look forward to getting into the streets again soon.

Newtown train

Newtown streets

Newtown people

Newtown people 2

Brewtown Newtown

Guitar player in Newtown

Newtown building art

Newtown portrait

Newtown window

Newtown tunnel



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